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About The Survey

The Setting New Paths Survey is a survey focusing on heart health in the Preston Township. Its goal is to examine heart healthy behaviours and rates of cardiovascular risk factors and diseases in the African descendant community of the Preston Township.

Who is Eligible?

Any person who: 
1) Identifies as a person of African descent (African, African Nova Scotian, African Canadian, Black, Biracial, Caribbean)
2) Is 19 years of age or older
3) Lives in the Preston Township (Cherry Brook, East Preston, Lake Loon, North Preston)

Who Does this Survey Belong to?

The Setting New Paths Survey was designed specifically for the improvement of heart health outcomes of the Preston Township. The survey, results, analysis, and data will belong to the Preston Township. Publication of the data and results will only occur by approval of a committee representative of the best interests of the Preston Township.